Travis Taliaferro

Contemporary Artist -

“Where dreams and inevitable mortality intertwine in each brushstroke, giving life to the eternity of art.”

My Artwork

Dive into the Canvas of Possibilities: Where Art Beckons to be Owned

Adam & Eve

David vs Goliath

Destello de Luz

The way I do magic is through the energy I put into my blank canvases.

¿What inspires me? My dreams inspire me. The artistic concept of Memento Mori, a constant reminder of the inevitability of death, is a source of inspiration and motivation. It fuels my drive to create.

I’ve come to realize that painting is a part of my life. It’s like drinking or eating; painting is something I see myself doing until the end of my life.




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Each piece in this visual repertoire is a testament to life's depth and the eternal dance of existence. Explore the gallery, where vibrant colors, intricate textures, and profound meanings converge to captivate and inspire.

My Exhibitions

"Puente Creativo" - Valle Escondido

Presenting my debut solo art exhibition at Valle Escondido in the Highlands of Boquete was an unmatched experience. The sophisticated audience, consisting of art enthusiasts and media, engaged deeply with my artworks in a non-commercial setting.

"Frequency of a City" - Green City

Hosting my second solo exhibition at ‘Green City’ was a remarkable fusion of art, philanthropy, and community engagement. Artworks were sold to support the Abou Saad Shriners Foundation, aiding children in need.

"Art Gala" - Club Union

Celebrating my second art exhibition at Club Union, Panama, was an engaging experience blending sophistication with accessibility. Despite not selling during the event, the showcased artworks found enthusiastic collectors and a forward-thinking law firm post-exhibition

Really beautiful professional abstracts led quis malesuada aenean risus, gravida eu nunc quis bibendum venenatis.

Jonathan Doe

ABC Architect

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