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All Belong to Nature

Jun 14 - Jul 12

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Past Exhibitions

Panamarte - Panama City

Panamarte, our inaugural art event, unfolded as a mesmerizing tapestry of creativity, uniting Panamanian artists in a celebration of art, music, gastronomy, and cultural richness. The highlight was the auction of my first artwork, fetching an impressive $1,200 and symbolizing both artistic recognition and financial success. The diverse audience, including influencers, ambassadors, and executives, infused the event with an enchanting energy, fostering meaningful conversations and connections. The carefully curated music, coupled with exquisite food and wine pairings, elevated the sensory experience, making Panamarte a sophisticated celebration of Panama’s cultural heritage. This event not only showcased the vibrancy of Panamanian art but established itself as a cultural phenomenon, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of our artistic narrative. As we reflect on this extraordinary evening, Panamarte emerges not just as an art event but as a legacy in the making, shaping the cultural heritage of Panama’s burgeoning arts scene. Thank you for being a part of this momentous journey.

PANAMARTE has had 3 major events in Panama City since 2021.

Puente Creativo - Valle Escondido

Embarking on the prestigious stage of Valle Escondido in the Highlands of Boquete for my first solo art exhibition was an unparalleled experience. The venue’s allure attracted a sophisticated audience, comprised of art connoisseurs, collectors, and members of the media, each intimately familiar with the language of art. Against the backdrop of this exclusive setting, my works of art took center stage, with a deliberate decision not to offer them for sale but solely for exhibition. This allowed the audience to engage with the pieces on a profound level, unrestricted by commercial considerations. The event became a sanctuary for artistic appreciation, fostering a dialogue that transcended transactions. Valle Escondido became a living canvas where my artistic expressions resonated with an audience deeply immersed in the world of art, making this solo exhibition an enriching and profound artistic journey.

Frequency of a City - Green City

Stepping into my second solo exhibition within the visionary project of “Green City” was a remarkable journey where art seamlessly intertwined with philanthropy and community engagement. The event drew a discerning audience of art enthusiasts, collectors, and media representatives who appreciated the fusion of creativity and purpose. In a departure from my previous exhibition, this time the showcased artworks were available for sale, with the proceeds dedicated to the Abou Saad Shriners Foundation—an organization committed to assisting children dealing with burns and broken bones. The evening witnessed the sale of six artworks, each carrying the dual significance of contributing to a charitable cause while finding a new home in the hearts of art appreciators. Beyond the art, the event embraced a holistic experience, combining culinary delights, live music, and guided real estate tours within the “Green City” master plan. This unique amalgamation of art, philanthropy, and community engagement made the exhibition not just a visual spectacle but a meaningful celebration that left a positive impact on both the artistic and humanitarian realms.

Las Bovedas - Casco Viejo

My inaugural art exhibition in collaboration with the Association of Artists held at the esteemed “Las Bovedas,” a special place of the Ministry of Culture of Panama in the heart of Casco Viejo, marked a significant milestone in my artistic journey. This event, attended by a discerning audience of art enthusiasts, collectors, and media representatives, unfolded against the backdrop of a cultural treasure. Unlike previous exhibitions, the showcased artworks were available for sale, adding a new dimension to the experience. What made this exhibition particularly noteworthy was the unveiling of a more intimate and sensual series, where the human body took center stage for the first time in my artistic exploration. The juxtaposition of the historic venue with this daring thematic shift created a captivating narrative, fostering conversations that delved into both artistic technique and the exploration of sensuality in art. This exhibition not only showcased my evolving artistic identity but also opened new avenues for dialogue and interpretation within the vibrant artistic community of Panama.

Club Union - Panama City

Participating in my second art exhibition at the annual event hosted in the esteemed Club Union of Panama was a dynamic venture that seamlessly blended sophistication with accessibility. The event drew a diverse audience of art enthusiasts, collectors, and media professionals who navigated the curated space with a discerning eye. The featured artworks were available for sale, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and potential connections. While the pieces did not find new homes during the event itself, the days following proved to be equally fruitful. Both works of art were acquired by enthusiastic collectors and a forward-thinking law firm, illustrating the enduring appeal of the pieces and the lasting impact of the exhibition. This experience reinforced the notion that art transcends the confines of a single event, finding its resonance and appreciation in the days that follow, as it weaves itself into the fabric of collectors’ lives and professional spaces.

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