36 x 48 inches


In “Cena Novissima,” where shadows dance,

An abstract realm, where mysteries enhance.

Through esoteric hues and occult grace,

Virtues intertwine, in a sacred space.

With compass and square, the tools of old,

We carve our path, in colors bold.

Temperance guides, our passions we tame,

Fortitude strengthens, our spiritual flame.

Prudence leads, with a steady hand,

Justice prevails, in this sacred land.

In the tapestry of virtues, we find our way,

In “Cena Novissima,” where seekers pray.

Each stroke of the brush, a ritual sublime,

As we journey inward, through space and time.

The cross at the center, a beacon of light,

Guiding us through the darkest night.

In this abstract tableau, the soul does mend,

As we seek to transcend, and ascend.

“Cena Novissima,” a masterpiece divine,

Where the mysteries of art and spirit intertwine.

So let us explore, with open hearts and minds,

In “Cena Novissima,” where truth unwinds.

For in its depths, lies the key to be,

A better person, pure and free.

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#MasonicArt #Virtues #SpiritualJourney

#ArtisticAlchemy #InnerTransformation

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