36×48 inches


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In a canvas broad, where colors bleed,

Lies “The Last Dinner,” a modern creed.

With abstract strokes and frequencies wild,

A tale reborn, innocence and wisdom, reconciled.

Christ at the center, a beacon of light,

Around him, disciples in abstract plight.

Each brushstroke, a frequency, a soulful call,

Capturing the essence, the rise that shall

No traditional lines, yet the story’s clear,

A moment of communion, of love, and fear.

With my own style, the scene I weave,

An abstract testament, for the heart to believe.

The table set, with unseen bread and wine,

A feast of spirits, transcendent and divine.

The colors speak of passion, of betrayal and grace,

Of the silent sacrifices, in time and space.

In this modern rendering, the message still holds,

A story of redemption, as the scene unfolds.

“The Last Dinner,” a vibrant, soulful plea,

A work of art, for the world to see.

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